Small Ball Finial 

A classically styled Ball finial, rising from a square base to a 12"/300 mm ball.Suitable for small gate piers. 


Height                         20.5"/52cm

Diameter                    12"/30cm  

Weight                          50kg

Sq Base                        11.5"/29cm

Edwardian  Finial

 A traditional Edwardian gate pier finial, rising from a square base with deep relief ribbing to the underside of the finial, suitable for the small gate pier.

Height                         27"/69cm

Sq Base                     11.5"/29cm

Weight                         40KG


Edwardian Pier Cap

Height                         7.5"/19cm

Width                           14"/36cm

Depth                           14"/36cm

Weight                           31kg


Victorian Ball Finial 

 A traditional Victorian style ball finial, rising from a substantial square base  with pronounced detail to the neck and deep relief ribbing to the underside of the ball finial itself.  Suitable for a traditional size gate pier. 

Height                         25"/61cm

Sq Base                      15"/38cm

Weight                          80kg


Fruit Finial 

This highly ornamental fruit finial uprising from a square base along with fruit and floral swags to the bowl and further fruit detail to the scrolled lid. 

Height                        27"/69cm

Width                          20"/51cm

Sq Base                     10.75"/27cm

Weight                          90kg


Rams Finial 

Impressively beautiful Ramshead finial rising form a square base to a gracefully thin neck, supporting a main bowl with fruit and floral swags to four Rams heads. 


 Height                         50"/153cm

Width                           34"/86cm

Sq Base                      18.5"/47cm

Weight                          160kg

 Atlas Stone Ball Finial


 Height                         56"/143cm

Diameter                     36"/90cm

Round base               26"/66cm

Weight                          350kg

Cockatrice ( Ridge Tile Griffen)

 A cockatrice is a legendary creature, essentially a two-legged dragon.. "An ornament in the drama and poetry of the Elizabethans", Laurence Breiner described it. It featured prominently in English thought and myth for centuries.

Height                          38"/95cm

Sq Base                       16/17" / 40cm/43cm

Weight                           60kg


Gargoyle Ridge Tile 

 A mythical creature sitting and looking out from the top of a ridge tile. 

Height                         16"/40cm

Width                           25.5"/65cm

Depth                          14.5"/37cm

Sq Base                       18/14.5" / 46/37cm

Weight                          28kg


Dragon Ridge Tile 

A lightweight hand finished traditional Chinese style Dragon Ridge tile.

Height                        23"/59cm

Width                         19"/48cm

Sq Base                    10"/9.5" 25/23cm

Weight                        20kg

Mythical Bird Ridge Tile 

 A highly decorative Victorian gable end griffin  with folded wings and high quality detail.

 Height                         46"/117cm

Width                           14.5"/37cm

Depth                           13"/33cm

Sq Base                       14.5/13" / 37/33cm

Weight                          40kg

Janus Horse Ridge Tile

A lightwieght spectacular mythical twin headed horse/serpent ridge tile 


Height                         21"/53cm

Width                           18"/46cm

Depth                          9.5"/24cm

Sq Base                      14/9.5" / 34/24cm


Gate Piers 

 Height                         78"/198cm

Sq Base                      25.5"/65cm

Weight                          780kg 

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