Versailles Pool Surround 

A beautiful 16 piece pool surround taking inspiration from French Baroque architecture from the Versailles region of France. shown here with a French lion mask fountain and underplinth set

Height                         10.75"/27.5cm

Diameter                     120"/304.8cm

Weight                         640kg



Versailles Under plinth 

A 12 piece under plinth set suitable for 3m pool surrounds, shown here with a GRP pool liner.


 Height                         3"/7.5cm

Diameter                     130"/330cm

Weight                         480kg

2.1M Pool Surround 

A 9 piece pool surround set, with uncomplicated but effective detail. shown here on a 2.1M underplinth set.



Diameter                     82"/210cm

Weight                         350kg

2.1M Under plinth

A 9 piece under plinth set suitable for small pool surrounds shown here with a 2.1M pool surround set.


 Height                         3"/75cm

Diameter                     100"/254cm

Weight                         280kg

3M (3 part) Pool Surround 


Diameter                     126/"320cm

Weight                         1400kg

4.5M Georgian  Pool Surround 

A large 20 section pool  surround  with each section consisting of 2 pieces to enable it to be used with a wide range of pond liners. shown here with a 3 tier Georgian  fountain


 Height                         14"/36cm

Diameter                     180"/457.2cm

Weight                         2000kg

 Victorian Pool Sections

 Height                         7"/17.5cm

Diameter                     120"/304.8cm

Width                           13"/33cm

Depth                           9"/22.5cm

Weight                         20kg

Versailles GRP Pool Liner 

GRP pool liners are available to fit any of our pool surrounds or can be made to any size to fill your requirements 


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