Georgian Urn 

A Georgian period inspired urn  decorated with faun head handles, scrolled leaves and egg and dart moulding on the lip. shown here on a regency pedestal.

Height                         31"/79cm

Diameter                     26"/65cm

Sq Base                      12"/30cm

Weight                          112kg


 Thomas Hope Urn

Late 18Th century vase with classic figures attending the feast of Apollo originally designed by Thomas Hope for Eleanor Coade.                              


Height                     42" / 107cm 

Diameter                29" / 74cm

Sq Base                 15" / 38cm

Weight                     160kg 

 Swedish Vase

Originally made by the Hoganus factory in Sweden, this design is a Nordic version of the French baroque. Shown here on a 3 part plinth.

Height                       62" / 157cm

Sq Base                   18" /  46cm

Weight                       170kg

Margam Vase 

 Inspired  by a pair of urns from Margham Park made for Lord Talbot of Port Talbot Swansea. They  originals were probably copied from a French design, with mermaid handles and decorative floral swags. Shown here on a panel base. 

Height                         50"/127cm

Diameter                     31"/79cm

Sq base                      14.5"/37cm

Weight                         170kg 


Gothic Urn 

 A Regency-period octagonal urn with single quatrefoil panels, shown here mounted on a regency pedestal. Urns of this style  line the Rose Walk at Lambeth Palace.

Height                         26"/64cm

Diameter                    25"/62cm

Sq base                      14.75"/36cm

Weight                         105kg  

Lattice Tazza 

A large elegant Tazza with elaborately interlaced ribbon work decoration around the bowl. inspired by the originals of Eastwell manor, Ashford,Kent. Shown here on a large ow plinth. 

Height                         23.5"/60cm

Diameter                    30.5"/77.5cm

Sq Base                      13.75"/35cm

Weight                         110kg 

Royal Doulton Tazza 

Taken from an 19Th Century terracotta styled Urn considered to be by Royal Doulton. It is of precise proportions with distinct egg and dart detail to the upper rim and fluted underside. Shown here on a small panel base

Height                         17"/46cm

Diameter                    19.5"/50.4cm 

Sq Base                      9"/22cm

Weight                          35kg

Accanthus Leaf Tazza 

 An elegant vase with acanthus-leaf decoration taken from a Victorian design. Shown here on a Small panel base.

Height                         19"/48cm

Diameter                     20.5"/52cm

Sq Base                       9"/22cm

Weight                          28kg


Chalice Bowl 



Sq Base                     16.5"/42cm

Weight                         105kg

Small Georgian Tazza 

Height                         28"/71cm

Diameter                    25"/64cm

Sq Base                     16.5"/42cm

Weight                         105kg

Large Georgian Tazza

Height                         35"/89cm

Diameter                    43"/109cm

Sq Base                     19"/49cm

Weight                         260kg

Giant Georgian Tazza 

Height                         42"/107cm

Diameter                     65"/165cm

Round Base                26"/165cm

Weight                           980kg       


Georgian Lion Mask Tazza 

Height                         42"/107cm

Diameter                    71"/180cm

Round  base              26"/66cm

Weight                         995kg

Harewood Jardinere 

These ornate planters with an flared bowl and distinct basket weave design to the main body - and lion claw feet to the base - were inspired by the originals at Harewood House  West Yorkshire England. Shown here on a large low plinth.

Height                         26"/66cm

Diameter                    31"/79cm

Round base               20"/50cm 

Weight                         130kg

 19th Century French Jardinere

Height                         14"/36cm

Weight                         75kg 

Dragon Jardinere 

Height                         18"/46cm

Width                           58"/148cm 

Depth                           25"/63cm

Weight                         320kg

Ramshead Finial 

Height                         50"/153cm

Width                           34"/86cm

Sq Base                      18.5"/47cm

Weight                          160kg


French Lion Mask Urn 

This magnificent fountain has been designed around  the grand urn which was sourced in France many years ago the urn itself is thought to be early 18th century and in the baroque style. shown here on a Regency Pedestal. Shown here on a 3 part plinth.

Height                         30"/76cm

Width                           45"/115cm

Weight                         200kg

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